Monday, August 09, 2004

Simple gifts

Thank you.

In my life there have been many people who have supported me as an artist. These supporters were primarily women. This is my note of thanks.

1. Anne C. Parry, painter. Aunt Anne gave me my first drawing lessons, comic books. She taught me to draw with crayons and to make origami chickens. She painted birthday cards which always had five dimes in hand sown pockets inside. The cards were always scenes about our lives.

2. Mrs. Wolpert, painter. My elementary school art teacher. She held an art club and helped all her students find their visual voices. She made the act of art making a joy.

3. Mrs. Ricibono, artist. High school art was a refuge for me. I never felt embarrassed about my poor spelling or bad memory for math in her class. Unfortunately some see art as a lesser part of the human being.


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