Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Artful Manager: overbuilt?

The Artful Manager: Overbuilt?
Andrew Taylor in his blog posses an interesting question. This view of the Arts industry needs to be thought of very carefully.
My democratic view is that culture should bubble up from the individual creators. What we have now is culture that is imposed by the wealthy few who decide where to spend their resources, i.e. the Barnes mess.

This is akin to what is happening in the national space program. NASA is stuck with a large technology that is unmanageable while a small team of designers is leading the way based on Burt Rutans' inventions. Funded by the profits gained from the spread of the computer technology it seems that creativity has more flexibility in the hands of a few.

The art world is full of visual tinker's inventing new forms of art, see the Carnegie International review on artblog, which push the creative envelope. What is the funding for this art? Will it be collected and end up in a Barnes like foundation fifty years from now? Only a rich collector will decide that.


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