Thursday, March 10, 2005

Come and get it: Pair hand out free art

Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/10/2005 | Come and get it: Pair hand out free art: "But getting the work noticed proved a struggle, they say, and the exclusivity of the gallery and museum scene was discouraging."

Grass roots or skybox? In bring art to the streets, a long tradition of artists, does this give art respect? Free art is a concept that lowers the value of art to the level of Cracker Jack give away. It helps to give recognition to the brand, like noise makers given away at an Eagles game for a tax preparation service, but does it raise the publics desire to buy or support art? The negative allusion to "stuffy galleries" does nothing to improve the art world.

Art Matters ran a celebration of their magazine a few years back called "Art is Everywhere." Did it bring more support to the art world. Perhaps the Philly Art Museum should be handing out Dali bobble head dolls at the Clothespin sculpture.

I would prefer an Art Super Sunday on the Parkway. perhaps the Barnes would do this as a peoples celebration of their new museum. The concept would be simple, invite artists to show up, no booths or fees. Just bring what you have to share. Paint if you want or make anything. Art is after all "free expression."


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