Thursday, June 02, 2005

One year

This blog began a year ago after reading several art blogs and wanting to reply to some things that caught my eye. Like all personal diaries it allowed me to comment on what I read in the news and agree or add my perspective. The aloneness that I feel comes from sitting in my home in suburban Philadelphia, removed from the art world in the city. There seems to be few opportunities here to gather with art lovers and share my passion for art. The internet has in some small way allowed me to view what others are seeing. I feel like a voyeur though with little contact with those blogs that I read and with those whose art I see online. It is a funny world we live in where we can sit at our desks and feel connected to something larger than our bodies would allow. I don't talk about making sculpture much. This month I'll do some wood carving for a client. My desire to make a new sculpture is limited by my lack of capital to hire a model and pay the bills. I love to model clay figures but have no interest in making up the form. I like to see the way the human form undulates across the body. Form after all is what moved the great sculptors to make statues. Would it be so strange to feel that sculpture is interesting? It seems like most of the art I see is about the visual interpretation of some written idea. The visual form is less important than the verbal idea. This type of art is no more than an illustration of some political or social thought. Take anything out of context and put it in a room by itself and it can be labeled art. Take any common object and arrange it in some structured way or change it with some unusual material and it is transformed into art. There are many ways to put things together and make something new, scribble on walls and leave enough unclear and it can be a mystery- art. If the viewer can't figure it out then it must be art. Most of the man made world today looks boring. Is this an honest feeling or am I missing something? Content is more than just a single spoon painted to perfection. I want to be transported by art not just tickled by it.


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