Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union

Here is a list of my part of the Union:

1. No health insurance.
2. Low income because of few art sales and few job offers.
3. My car has 230,000+ miles on it because of the above.
4. This winter I've had my house limited to 60 degrees, see above.
5. When I do get work people feel that I should make what Wal- Mart charges for a similar item.
6. My dog got sick this last year and the vet bill was over $2000.00- she died anyway.
7. One third of my income goes to taxes for a government - local, state and federal that provides me no service.
8. I try to live in peace while our nation only seems to live in war.
9. I feel like I have no future.
10. Stop fighting the world and build a better world!


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