Monday, November 20, 2006

The Gross Clinic vs Eagles Team

The Curse of the Gross Clinic?

Today artists protested the sale of the painting by Jefferson University which many think will remove a great painting from Philadelphia. Many are wondering how a painting could be worth that much, $68 million. Donovan McNabb was lost to the Eagles today for the rest of the season. The salary cap for the Eagles is $102 Million. What is the entertainment value for a team that continues to lose and disappoint against the emotional and intellectual value of a great painting? A painting will last for hundreds of years if properly cared for and give millions of viewers insight into the human existence. Will anyone care what the Eagles did after another losing season? I think the Gross Clinic at $68 million is a far better investment!

The subject of the painting is Surgery- just what awaits McNabb. If it were not for Dr. Gross' innovations there would be no hope for McNabbs recovery. Good luck keeping both on our home field!

All it would take is for 2,720,000 people world wide to contribute $25.00 each to pay for the Gross Clinic. What a Holiday present for Philadelphia and the future!


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