Monday, August 04, 2008

Hankin- Hicks Peaceable Kingdom

In yesterdays Inqy I was mentioned concerning a sculpture, by Tom Otterness, proposed for Philadelphia based on the Peaceable Kingdom paintings of Edward Hicks. Some might ask how a Hankin is related to the Hicks of note. My fathers family were humble English immigrants who came here in the 1860's. My grandfather was a Deacon of his Presbyterian Church and worked as a machinist. My dad was an Army officer trained as an instrument maker. My upbringing was in a Quaker household that loved the arts. Edward Hicks was and is seen as an important spiritual leader of my faith.


Blogger Happy LOL Day said...

So why don't they have you do the park? Otterness is a disgusting dog killer I really can't see why they want to elevate such a grotesque person. I can't believe there aren't great PA artists out there and there are plenty of artists who never killed for fun and attention and showed it off later looped over and over.

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