Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Museum fees

Should Museums loose their non profit status? The movie industry has no problem making money which then gets reinvested in new work. What if the art industry was forced to do the same thing. If we want art to be available for the public then it should be for free like a library.... The issue raised by John Perreault is very good. We all pay somehow.

ArtsJournal: ARTOPIA: "Unfortunately, some of us fear that the new $20 admission fee will be a barrier to the young, the poor, and the retired. For those who go often and can afford to become a member, the museum will still be a bargain. But that doesn't seem quite fair, since MoMA benefits from its nontaxable, nonprofit status; the money the government does not get from MoMA has to come from somewhere. (Guess where: ultimately from me and you.) And yet...MoMA, like other museums, needs ever more income."


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