Monday, January 10, 2005

ArtsJournal: About Last Night

ArtsJournal: About Last Night:
"You have to know quite a bit about music to make sense of the middle part of this "explanation," but it's worth noting that according to the author, the "expressive qualities" of given keys are often "highly specific" with respect to individual listeners. Since I experience the expressive qualities of keys as something like a cross between a color and an emotion" wrote Teachout.

Do we know enough about art in our culture? I read many blogs that seem to talk about the "what" and "who" of things people see around town but very little about the emotional substance of art. Do we live in an art world that has flattened the reason for loving art, emotionally, like the painters of the sixties flattened the surface of painting?

The question asked of Mr. Teachout seems like a basic one that every third grader should know the answer to. In a society that has culture at the bottom of the list of priorities, post nuculer destruction as some would say, how can we expect the public or the fans of art to understand the value of say- PAFA or any collection of art?


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