Friday, January 21, 2005

Rocky Mountain News: Arts

Rocky Mountain News: Arts: "'For an artist, the Louvre is oxygen,' said Gilles Fromenteil, a 46-year-old sculptor who's also president of the state retirement and social security fund for France's 28,000 registered artists." wrote Gregory Viscusi.

Living in America this is unheard of. Why artists should get anything is surprising. Museums in America seem to think that artists are there to support them rather then building a supportive economy for the creation of new art. I'm sure the majority of American artists who have the support of museums, and sell over $50,000 in art per year or earn that much teaching art can afford the $79 annual membership of PMA and other museums.

What seems different is the idea that artists are worthy of any support. We don't even know how many artists there are in America. Who would ever decide who was worthy of support? Is it not better to work as a carpenter and give up the time and interest in making art? In America only the strong can survive as artists.

Faced with the high cost of health insurance I wonder how many artists give up going to museums?


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