Monday, March 14, 2005

Telegraph | Arts | 'It's not like selling socks'

Telegraph | Arts | 'It's not like selling socks': "Given the success of the Hirst brand, the triumph of the marketeer may well be on its way.", Davies wrote.

The commercial art world feeds the non profit arts world. Who will write about the deal making between galleries and museum directors? The Dali show in Phila. is about branding. The "Gates" in NY was about branding. The products they sell are books and prints, not the art. Has anyone asked what the anticipated revenues are from the sale of the "Gates" book? What is the message that the public gets from this mass marketing? Why February some ask, because of the lead time to produce a book for the Christmas shopping spree. Will it be a number one best seller? I'll wait until it hits the remainder store.


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