Sunday, May 28, 2006

artblog- Solzanski reaction

artblog: "Are we a little angry, Mr. Sozanski? Asking for a substitution of Rocky for Diana (see it bigger here) inside the Philadelphia Museum of Art and saying the museum could live with it if each Rocky visitor were paying the $12 admission fee is hostile beyond words."

Following up on the Sunday review by Mr. Solzanski, I wonder why not open a Wal-Mart in the basement of PMA. After the Walton purchase of the NY Durant painting last year it would seem like a good fit for the Parkway improvement project. This would help bring the "common man" to art in a most Barnesian way. They could spend their savings gambling at the Barnes and then shop for cheap foreign made goods down the street. Why should the Parkway be a place just for the tourists? The PMA could rent the space for a large fee that would allow them to buy more art. If commerce is good for Art then the institutions need to have more enterprise. Oh that's right their non- profit mission is to educate about art not to make a profit from it.


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