Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dear Santa- Save The Gross Clinic

In a recent comment on WHYY's blog, The Sixth Square , the question is asked "where are we on the fundraising?", with the implied hope that the art museums are getting close to their goal. I hope that the PMA, PAFA and the others joined in this effort are overwhelmed with contributions and are spending all their time opening letters and talking to those who are major supporters.

My letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,

Please don't give me any more things that I don't need. I have many things that clutter my life that go unused. There are more needy than I and toys don't thrill me like when I was a child. Time to make art is all I really need with a bunch of clay and some drawing paper. Rather then give me stuff, give peace to the world. Give hope to those who have none. Make children's lives joyful with no need to kill.
If you have a little left over please give the Philadelphia region "The Gross Clinic" by Thomas Eakins.

To my friends and relatives: Please give a donation to PMA rather then something to me.


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