Sunday, December 03, 2006

Inky Eakins- The Shock of the Price

Today Stephan Salisbury reports in the Inky that there might be a strain on local fundraising for Philadelphia non profits.

I see this cultural tidal wave to be an opportunity for the arts leadership to see the Philadelphia region as a center for creativity. The demand has brought together a common goal that should help to focus on the needs of all who work to promote the arts here.

The reason the painting sale happened started with a desperate attempt to kick start a fundraising campaign. Do those who are tasked with finding the resources for large projects have any idea what the local interests are? Are they solely focused on the goal at any means?

This time of year I receive many requests for donations. The development databases are running on overtime. I can tell that they are created by computers because they are ignorant of my current circumstances. It is almost like they have created an identity for me that has some mythic nature. They have taken my name and assume that I am wealthy.

I digress, is the fundraising sector, dependent on databases, as flawed as the intelligence created to fight the war?

The sale of The Gross Clinic is a symptom of a disease that spreads through our society. We don't know who we are or what we care about. I went to see the movie Babel last night (movies are my only entertainment these days) and the theme of cultural difference struck me as important. The cultural divide between those who work everyday to make art and those who have the wealth to acquire art is very wide.

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