Saturday, November 25, 2006

Eakins Teaching Legacy- Anthony Visco

We all feel the hurt that this sale gives. The art world has suffered from a lack of respect and understanding.

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"Presidents And CEO’s Are Allowed To Have Bad Ideas Too" by Anthony Visco

"I can only say that after 20 years of teaching human anatomy to artists in the same rooms as Eakins, after lecturing to incoming med students about the relationship between art and medicine, Mr. H sadly does not know the Sisterhood of these two. with this in mind, I am truly concerned for the students at Jefferson that regardless of the possession of the Eakins, may be losing that all too important link between art and science.....

As we all know too well, presidents and CEO's can have bad ideas too. Selling off priceless collections of art, tearing down architectural wonders that can never be replaced, rare out of print books thrown in dumpsters; we all have experienced these and more and are well tired of it.

Anthony Visco
November 22, 2006"

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