Friday, December 22, 2006

Philly KO'd the Princess of Cheap

I was reading this Attyood blog on and it occurred to me that there are many who will never get art. Wal-Mart imports most of it goods from China. If these were made here perhaps there would be less poverty and problems for the city to worry about. The truth is that we have a need for more and better jobs. The debate should be about how high we can bring ourselves not how we can cut up the pie. The French got rid of Marie Antoinette because of her excesses. Why blame the 2000+ who gave to the Eakins fund? They likely give to other causes as well. Where are the millions who go to football games, rock concerts and movies making the rest of the entertainment companies wealthy. Why don't they help the poor. The Eakins painting should be around for five hundred years or more if we take care of it. $68,000,000.00 /500= $13,600 per year, looks like a good investment to me.


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