Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/20/2004 | Barnes looking at ball fields

Why is Philadelphia so afraid of creating something important. While other cities are building landmark art buildings all the cultural leaders of our region can do is rehash the past. Penns landing is a failure so they seem to think that by stealing the Barnes from its home the public will care. They should desolve the trust entirely and form a museum of art if that is what they think will give them an audiance. What will the impact be on those other museums that will loose attendance? What studies have been done?

Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/20/2004 | Barnes looking at ball fields: "If it wins court permission to move its multiplicity-dollar gallery to Center City, the Barnes Foundation is considering building its new building on the Van Colln ball fields across from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, two city agencies have confirmed."


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