Saturday, November 13, 2004

Submerging artist

In reading the Getty post linked by Tyler Green at MAN I found that the current President of UA was connected to the conflict at the Getty. His message on the Uarts web page makes me think about how my dreams of student days have submerged. The cost of living has gone up while income has gone down. Without capital to hire models or pay for casting I can only do the least possible not the best that I'm dreaming of.

UArts : Check Us Out: "The University of the Arts is an exceptional institution full of exciting and challenging ideas. It helps fulfill the dream of a future in the arts and prepares committed students for successful careers. It is a place where faculty of unsurpassed expertise and experience and students share your passion. The staff is totally committed to the students’ dreams. And our University is located in a vibrantly diverse and energetic city—an inspiration for us all. Come and experience the power of discovery.
Miguel Angel Corzo"


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