Saturday, January 29, 2005


Blogs have become the best way to meet others interested in the arts. If enough artists share their feelings and work like Roberta and Libby on artblog, Cynthia on Fresh Paint and Duane on A Painting a Day the bonds of being visual creators can only grow stronger.

What we miss in a surburban dominated culture is community. I don't go to gallery openings because it is hard to drive into Philadelphia and stand in a room of strangers. Going to PMA with a friend who I can talk about the art is fun, but my group of friends is small and they are so busy working it is hard to find the time to go. I'm not a reviewer or collector so I go to shows that seem to have work that interests me. This is the same method I use in deciding what movie to see or book to read. I think it is great there are many different types of art out there- only some interests and excites me. I don't tell others what to see or what is "old fashioned."

We live in a complex world where all points of view should be respected.


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