Friday, March 18, 2005

Free art

I have had many art teachers over the years. They have all been hard working and serious people. They all have been paid well for their work as teachers of art. Not one of them has ever said that teaching should be free because it was good for society. I wonder why the idea that art should be given away or exhibited for free came about. The desire to be regarded as an artist and have their work seen in a temple of art is a modern idea. Past artists sold their work to the rich collectors or the Governments of their time, kings or religious leaders. It has only been with the advent of corporations in our republic that non profit corporations, museums, began to collect art in the name of the public. These public collections replace the commissioning of the government. Artists who retire with good pensions should still value the time and effort it takes to make art. Students should be told that what they make is worth something. Presenters of art should pay artists for the time their art is on exhibit just like they pay for the electricity to light the show.

Authors are not expected to give their books and plays away for free to readers or play goers. Libraries still pay for the books that one can get to read for free.

Idealists that think art should be free only destroy the value of art as a whole.

I feel that if the public doesn't want what one makes it should be burned. Don't put it in the attic for someone to find later to make a profit on.


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