Sunday, July 31, 2005

Art is not a hobby (link)

Tim McFarlane wrote in Artblog that he agrees with a view that art needs a voice to bring the public back to our world.

While talking about this with a fellow artist the question arose about how we are perceived. The statement was made about having a nice hobby. One of the problems is the view that art is play and not hard work. This happens when artists are forced to find day jobs and can only work on their craft at night and on weekends.

A marketing study might reveal how artists are perceived and lead to a plan to improve the standing of all artists.

What we don't need is a bunch of art insiders telling us how to be better business managers as if we were well funded and only need to market our wares better. The WPA was formed because it was clear that talent was being wasted. Every artist should have economic opportunity after investing four or more years in the education of their chosen field. We fund as a society: military, transportation and medical developments. The housing industry gets a boost from low interest loans to create jobs. No one seems to think of art as an important cultural industry. Where will the next Dali come from if we as a society don't invest in living art?


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