Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Car Show and Garber Exhibit

I went to see the Philly car show and the Garber
exhibit yesterday.

The car show was huge with many expensive cars none
less that $15000.00 and the most valued at over
$350,000.00. The admission was $10.00 and the hall was
packed with dreamers and buyers. The approximate
value of the cars in the whole show is $31,500,000.00
just under half of the value of The Gross Clinic. Most
of the cars will be in the junk yards in 30 years and
will be melted down to make something else. All that
energy will be lost, even those hybrids that seem like
a good idea. It would be interesting to compare the
attendance figures from the car show and the
forthcoming Tut show. If 300,000 paid to see the car
show at $10.00 per head =$3,000,000 and 100,000 pay
$32.50 to see the Tut show $3,250,000. What is wrong
with the art world that seems to have a hard time
attracting the same interest in painting.

The Garber exhibit is excellent and just as rewarding
as the car show. What is lacking is the personal
connection that is felt with the American car.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Eakins Cello Player

What a sour note was played by PAFA when they sold the "Cello Player".
Where were all those who expressed the great loss of "The Gross Clinic"
I went to the thank you party at PMA and the speakers never revealed the
amount needed to finish the fundraising or the prospect that such a fine
painting would be sold.