Sunday, May 28, 2006

artblog- Solzanski reaction

artblog: "Are we a little angry, Mr. Sozanski? Asking for a substitution of Rocky for Diana (see it bigger here) inside the Philadelphia Museum of Art and saying the museum could live with it if each Rocky visitor were paying the $12 admission fee is hostile beyond words."

Following up on the Sunday review by Mr. Solzanski, I wonder why not open a Wal-Mart in the basement of PMA. After the Walton purchase of the NY Durant painting last year it would seem like a good fit for the Parkway improvement project. This would help bring the "common man" to art in a most Barnesian way. They could spend their savings gambling at the Barnes and then shop for cheap foreign made goods down the street. Why should the Parkway be a place just for the tourists? The PMA could rent the space for a large fee that would allow them to buy more art. If commerce is good for Art then the institutions need to have more enterprise. Oh that's right their non- profit mission is to educate about art not to make a profit from it.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Working hard

I have not had much to report this last month. I've been working on some construction projects trying to earn a living. Art has been on the back burner. It is frustrating when I read that the Barnes Foundation can raise $150 million to pray at a new alter of French art while I struggle to pay my taxes and buy food on an income of less then the national average. The debate about the poor from our southern neighbor crossing the border, has raised the concern for fair pay and what it is. Cheap labor keeps us all poor in many ways. Dr. Barnes had the courage to buy art from the heart, more of the wealthy Americans need to find that same courage rather then to keep looking at the past.